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Are you looking for an experienced award winning ghostwriter with a proven track record?

Perhaps you’re an expert in your field and would love to write a book but don’t have the time or inclination to translate your ideas onto paper. Perhaps you’ve tried before and find yourself drowning in content, unable to find a suitable structure to do justice to your thoughts? Perhaps you've discovered that you hate writing or writing hates you! Perhaps it’s time to hire a professional ghostwriter.

At wordarchitect.com you will find everything you ever wanted to know about ghostwriting but didn’t know who to ask. Discover how ghostwriting works and what you can expect from the process. Learn about the various publishing options available to you, and the pros and cons of each. And finally find out more about me, Karen McCreadie, my business and marketing background, the books I've written and testimonials from happy clients so you can decide if I might be the right person for your project. Plus if you wish, you can purchase my book,How to Write a Book in 33 Days.In the meantime consider this... According to The Business Impact of Writing a Book - a study conducted by RainToday.com and Wellesley Hills Group an impressive 96% of non-fiction authors surveyed reported that publishing a book positively influenced their business. In addition:

    • 94% reported that their book improved their brand.
    • 95% reported that their book generated more speaking engagements.
    • 96% reported that their book generated more clients.
    • 94% reported that their book generated more leads.
    • 87% reported that their book allowed them to charge higher fees.
    • 87% reported that their book allowed them to generate a more desirable client base.
    • 76% reported that their book allowed them to close more deals.

The overwhelming outcome of this research was, “Assuming you have something worthwhile to say in a book, write one!” Problem is if you are already busy doing whatever it is you do chances are you won’t have the time to dedicate to writing a book. Instead it remains a pipe-dream to haunt you every January as you add it to your New Year’s resolution list – AGAIN! Unfortunately there is a misconception that just because we were all taught how to write at school (as in string letters together to form words and sentences), then we are all writers. It’s not true. Personally I believe we are all born with different strengths and vulnerabilities and it makes no sense to fight against nature. So if “writer” wasn’t one of the talents you were born with and the mere thought of it brings you out in a cold sweat stop beating yourself up about it. Instead outsource it and hire an experienced (and published) author and ghostwriter to create your book for you while you get on with capitalising on the gifts and talents you do have!If you work in the world of professional services, if you are a consultant, coach, CEO, speaker, trainer, health practitioner, entrepreneur or business owner and want to differentiate you and your business from the competition then being an author packs an influential punch. As an exclusive business card, there is no substitute. As a new business development tool, there is no substitute. If you want to elevate your profile and significantly increase your income, there is no substitute.So if you have a burning ambition to see your name on the cover of a book, or you want to capitalise on your intellectual property before someone else does, if you want to be able to add "author" to your corporate bio and increase your fees, or you just want to share the recipe for Auntie Maud's apple marmalade with the world, then call me on 077 99 272 432 or email me at karen@wordarchitect.com and let's see what's possible! 


Karen McCreadie

Karen - Professional Ghostwriter

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Karen works with clients in the UK, Australia, US and Canada.
UK Mobile: 077 99 272 432
(+44 77 99 272 432)

Alternatively send an email to karen@wordarchitect.com

"On any given week, up to half of the books on any nonfiction bestseller list are written by someone other than the name on the book." - The New York Times